80's Computer Games

It is that the castle is full of treasures. I love this classic game by Kevin Bales! Can you figure out how to finish the game and escape the castle? Castle Adventure had some pretty difficult puzzles and finding all the treasures was quite hard. Here you can find maps of all floors that you can visit in Castle Adventure. It seems the castle could not physically exist this way, as some rooms overlap eachother, or some rooms connect, while they aren't next to eachother. Navigation This is the ground floor. Here you can find the courtyard, welcome hall, central hall, throne room, dining room, ball room, museum, castle garden and the kitchen.
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While Commander Keen is exploring Mars, the Vorticon steal four vital components of his ship and hide them in Martian cities, each guarded by a Vorticon soldier. In this episode, Keen acquires his trademark pogo stick and meets a variety of Martian aliens and robots.
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Released in 1989; Roger's escape pod from the end of SQII is captured by an automated garbage freighter. He escapes the robot-controlled scow by repairing an old ship,. the Aluminum Mallard
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Space Quest was the brainchild of Sierra programmers Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, who had worked on prior titles like King's Quest II, but had not designed their own game yet.
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Released in 1987; Roger, with his newfound status of Hero, is transferred to the Xenon Orbital Station 4 and promoted to head (and only) janitor. All is quiet until he is abducted by Sludge Vohaul, who was behind the original Sarien attack of the Arcada.
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