Castle Adventure

It is that the castle is full of treasures. I love this classic game by Kevin Bales! Can you figure out how to finish the game and escape the castle? Castle Adventure had some pretty difficult puzzles and finding all the treasures was quite hard. Here you can find maps of all floors that you can visit in Castle Adventure. It seems the castle could not physically exist this way, as some rooms overlap eachother, or some rooms connect, while they aren't next to eachother. Navigation This is the ground floor. Here you can find the courtyard, welcome hall, central hall, throne room, dining room, ball room, museum, castle garden and the kitchen.
Added on 2021-06-07
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This game brings back so many great memories. I played this game as a small child and what was so great about it is, is that it all plays in your head. The graphics are so primitive that you need to use your imagination. This makes this simple game very engaging and exciting. The battles with demons are super intense and the quest in the castle is exciting in itself.
Posted by joost on 2021-06-09 19:08:13
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